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Disclaimer: *Compared to [a cigarette and/or snus]. Based on laboratory testing. Individual results may vary. This product does not reduce existing teeth stains. Other factors may contribute to teeth staining.

Wanting to look your best? Looking to flash that smile with confidence? Have you considered VELO nicotine pouches? VELO is an innovative white, tobacco-free oral nicotine pouch – offering adult tobacco and nicotine consumers a convenient and modern way to consume nicotine.

Unlike cigarettes, VELO nicotine pouches offer better oral hygiene options. Recent studies have revealed that in comparison to cigarette smoking and SNUS VELO stains your teeth less, which is great! Also keep in mind, that VELO will not reduce levels of existing teeth staining or prevent other external factors from doing so. VELO works in its own way.

You tuck it under your lip and while it’s on your gum, nicotine is released and absorbed orally. So anytime, anywhere, any adventure, VELO can be with you and help you be your best self without the risk of teeth staining.

 VELO Nicotine pouches come in 2 fresh flavours like Berry Frost and Polar Mint and two strengths, medium & strong, to suit your preferences.

So POP IT, PARK IT, FEEL IT! Choose better, choose a modern nicotine experience. #MOVEONTOVELO

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